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Programmed obsolescence.

Programmed obsolescence.
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29.11.2016 - Sergio Herrero e Irene Barbero

Today we are going to solve a very usual question: "Why my mobile phone becomes more and more slow until it's an useless object?"

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When am I going to buy another? That's a very usual question when we buy a smartphone. Today, Hojas de Papel gives you the answer: programmed obsolescence.

Programmed obsolescence is the programming of the end of the useful life of an object, in this case, a smartphone. The curious thing is that programmed obsolescence is created by companies to force you to buy other gadget, which ends in a constant benefit of that companies, because you pay lots of money to get a new smartphone.

Maybe you are reading this and you are asking: "How can I stop programmed obsolescence?" You can't stop it, but you can stay having the same mobile phone, regardless of it's old or it's going to be more and more slow. 

There are lots of ways to force you to buy a product again. Here are some examples:

1. Companies change the plugs of their phones to oblige you to buy another, because finding "old" chargers or earphones more difficult to find.

2. Some inkjet printer companies program them to stop printing after a number of pages. That something approved and spreaded on the Internet. The trick is that all inkjet printers have a chip, where counts the printed pages. When it reaches a limit, the inkjet printer stops working.

Today we have started the new with a question, and we have answered it, but now we are going to tell you another, and you have to answer in the comments:

How often do you change your mobile phone?



Rafa Teacher | 17-12-2016 10:21

Congratulations again, Sergio and Irene, for a job well done! I've had my smart for more than a year and I hope it will last much longer; especially bearing in mind how much I paid for it!


charo | 08-12-2016 23:05

Cada vez los hacen con un tiempo de vida , suelen durar 2 años


paula | 03-12-2016 11:46

Very good news, follow to yes. It's all about giving, boys, there's nothing left. CHEER UP


irene | 03-12-2016 11:44

El mio se me ha estropeado y lleva un año... cada vez duran menos. espero que el próximo me salga mejor!


Marta | 01-12-2016 23:55

Yo cada dos años, aunque espero que el que tengo ahora me dure más tiempo.


Roy | 29-11-2016 23:05

My first two mobile phones were second-hand and they lasted for 3 or 4 years. Smartphones have shorter lives because they evolve very fast. Still, I try to keep my phones for as long as I can. The one I have now has 2 years and it may last for another 1 or 2 years more!


María | 29-11-2016 21:58

I change my mobile phone every one or two years.