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Salamanca's streetlights for Christmas

Salamanca's streetlights for Christmas
Image of the Christmas Ball, located in the Main Square.

06.12.2016 - Sergio Herrero e Irene Barbero.

Today we are going to put technology aside, and we are going to show you the streetlights we have in Salamanca on Christmas time.

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Served with the major, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, about ten children were in charge of pressing the power switch of the adornment that announces the next holidays. More than 600 arches and decorative motives will shine all over Salamanca to the 6th of January. The only thing missing is the big Christmas ball, which is 12.5 metres long and has a diameter of 10 metres. This adornment has been located in the Main Square for two years, and it's accepted for both tourists and Salamancans. In addition, a very big tree will be illuminated in Plaza España and ten more will be in Paseo Carmelitas. All of them will stay illuminated all days between 18:30 to midnight. The council bet for energetic savings, thanks to the usage of low fuel consumption, such as leds. For security motives, the installation of the Christmas ball wont start until 16th December, one day after "Nochevieja Universitaria", which gathers every year lots of young people in the Main Square.

Hojas de Papel wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Rafa Teacher | 17-12-2016 11:08

Congratulations, Sergio and Irene, you did it again! Indeed, with all the Christmas lights and decorations, Salamanca looks even more beautiful than usual. My full support for leds and energy saving.


Natalia | 07-12-2016 09:57

Feliz Navidad!!! :P


Marta | 06-12-2016 23:33

Merry Christmas!!!!!!


Carmen | 06-12-2016 22:15

Merry christmas , hojas de papel.


Roy | 06-12-2016 22:10

Great piece of news once again, thank you! Energy usage for streets Christmas adornments is often one of the most controversial isues. ¿Could it be considered a religious celebration or is it just a consumerist-seasonal tradition? Ready or not, Christmas lights are back in town!


irene | 06-12-2016 18:59

Merry christmas to you