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The recycling of smartphones.

The recycling of smartphones.
Some parts of a mobile phone. From: www.informatica-hoy.com

17.12.2016 - Sergio Herrero e Irene Barbero

Today we are going to solve one of the most mysterious questions about technology: the recycling of useless smartphones.

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What do you do when you throw away your smartphone? Do you throw out them? If your answer is "Yes" you're doing something wrong, because you can recycle your useless mobile phone and you can avoid pollution.

How can you recycle your mobile phone?

Lots of specialized companies collect them and sometimes even pay for them. In fact, only 8% of the used mobile phones are recycled, and 60% of smartphones are collected, and it means that 4 mobiles per person are stocked.

There are different ways to recycle a mobile phone:

1. Sell them to different companies, specialized in the recycling of old smartphones. In case of high-range cells, those companies could pay until 400 euros, and the rest of cells can be valued in 30 euros at most.

Selling them to one of those specialized companies helps the enviroment, because all cell phones contain nickel, cadmium, coltan, arsenic, beryllium and zinc, which are very contaminant for enviroment. In addition, the battery of all smartphones we have could contain until 600.000 litres of water. According to an study, made by Nokia, between 65% and 80% of the materials of mobile phones are recyclable.

2. Take them to a cell shop. If someone takes his old cell to a shop, he will get a discount buying his next smartphone.

3. Sell them in a second-hand market. Maybe it the most dangerous option: selling a mobile phone in a second-hand market, trying to get a high amount of money, it's very difficult. Two of the most common pages are vibbo.com and Cash Converters. Both of them have its advantages and its disadvantages: Cash Converters always gives you money, but it's very probable to get a small amount of money. However, publishing an ad in vibbo.com doesn't confirm the sale, but if you sell it, you'll get a bigger amount of money.

Do you think recycling useless smartphones is good for us or bad? Tell us your opinion in the comments!




Marta | 18-12-2016 23:22

Buena información, gracias por la noticia.


Elena | 18-12-2016 18:42

Muy interesante. Gracias


Pilar | 18-12-2016 12:10

Otra sección que me ha encantado por atreveros a utilizar otro idioma para seguir demostrando las cualidades que tenéis. Estoy súper orgullosa de vuestro trabajo, chic@s!!!


Sabela | 17-12-2016 23:45

Otro gran artículo de este gran periódico.


Josete | 17-12-2016 23:44

Otro gran artículo.


Pedro | 17-12-2016 23:18

Enhorabuena y gracias por obligarme a refrescar mis conocimientos de inglés-


Carmen | 17-12-2016 23:17

Enhorabuena y gracias por otro gran articulo.


Roy | 17-12-2016 16:49

I believe recyling smartphones should be compulsory for everyone. As you have said, many of its elements are highly contaminant and, therefore, should be handed in specialised collecting points. Small though thet may seem, they are everywhere and most of their components are very small and difficult to remove once they have been thrown out. Great piece of news, once again!


Mar | 17-12-2016 16:17

Muy buena información!!


Natalia | 17-12-2016 15:47

Enhorabuena por este gran artículo!!!