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Trump and Clinton on stage

24.10.2016 - María Ramos

In the whole history of politics in the United States of America, there seem not to have been any debates as unkind as the ones between the republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, and his rival, Hillary Clinton.

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On the 9th of October, in Saint Louis (Missouri), it took place the second debate out of the three programmed before the presidential elections.

The Republican nominee denied ever sexually assaulting women, dismissing the remarks as ?just words? and ?locker room talk?, and turned his fire on ex-President Bill Clinton, accusing him of abuse to different women. However, Mrs Clinton didn?t have anything to say about his husband and his conduct, but about the explosive video from Trump, which sparked an exodus of Republicans denying support to their presidential nominee, and which ?represents exactly who he is?.

There were lots of polemic questions and answers, but at the end of the debate, they were asked about something they admired from each other, and they shook hands, something they didn?t do at the beginning.

After a really hard debate, and a very difficult point at Trump?s career and campaign, polls show Clinton as the winner.