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03.11.2016 - Alejandra Ferrín

Review of the festivity

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Although the number of stories about the history of Halloween is countless, there is something which is a fact : it has been celebrated for 2000 years the 31st of October. It is also generally accepted that it began in Celtic times as a way of honoring the dead ,called "Samhain". As a way of getting pagans converted, the Catholic Church established " All Saints ' Day or All Hallows' Day ,the 1st of November to honor the dead. However, in Northern Europe, Ireland, Britain and later the USA, they went on honoring their dead,the 31st of October,that is " All Hallows' Eve" ,which by means of time and a number of phonetical changes, became "Halloween.".And so the tradition:people disguised to try to get the spirits confused, food and drink ofered to the poor so they prayed for their dead," trick or treat "played to expel the bad spirits among others.
 Consequently, as pumkins , turnips and such were the vegetables mostly collected ,stories about beheaded men with a pumkin as head ( Jack O' Lantern) or pumkin pies ... became very popular.
Nowadays ,the celebration of Halloween is considered in  the USA to be the second in importance
and profit ,only preceeded by Christmas!
                                                                                                 Alejandra  Ferrín