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REDACCIÓN: Alba Avedillo Nieto, Irene Barbero Urrero, María Carvajal Delgado, Lucía García Hernández, Sergio Herrero Martín, Raquel Pozo García

Different types of technology

Different types of technology
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Today we are going to tell you the different types of technology that exist and why they are so useful in our daily life

23.11.2017 - Irene Barbero y Sergio Herrero

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Today we are going to show you the big amount of types of technology that exist. Maybe you don't know some of them, so we invite you to read this article to know about all the different ways technology can help us:

1. Fixed technology.

Fixed technology can't be reused. It's called this way because it never changes. Oil refineries and fuels are some examples of fixed technology.

2. Flexible technology.

We are daily surrounded by flexible technology. It's called "flexible" because from technical knowledge other products can be made. Some examples are food and pharmaceutical industries.

3. Soft technology.

Soft technology gathers commercialisation, planification and administration knowledge, without knowing any technical information. Unlike flexible technology, soft technology can't be seen or touched. Computers and smartphones are examples of soft technology.

4. Tough technology.

Tough technology is the combination of the technical knowledge people use to create gadgets like machines, materials or tangible products, that is, things that can be touched or seen.

5. Equipment technology.

This is one of the types of technology that can be applied into industry, because it includes all the products that are made thanks to mass production, such as plastic and textile processes.

6. Operation technology.

Operation technology is achieved as a result of observation during a very long time, where people analyse and evaluate what they observed, for using it in other types of technology, like equipment or tough technology.

7. Product technology.

It's the one that gathers techniques, knowledge and characteristics that are used to obtain a product or to reach a goal.

8. Clean technology.

Clean technology doesn't have any detrimental effect on Earth while being used. Solar panels are a good example of clean technology, because they don't affect our environment.

These are the eight types of technology we can find. All of them are useful for our lives, and they help us in many different ways.

As always, you can give us your opinion about this article by writing on the comments, and you can also give us ideas to talk about next Thursday.

Check out this link to see the news in Spanish: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S0am5CfoOoHo-Emi5QaQ50t8h08S9hO1dhL9ZyIr-Vs/edit?usp=sharing




patricia | 03-12-2017 14:33

Great article!! Thanks guys!


Helena | 03-12-2017 09:19

Os habéis esforzado y ha salido un buen artículo.


Marta | 30-11-2017 23:27

Gracias por el artículo.


Carmela | 28-11-2017 20:30

Muy interesante esta sección.


Pedro | 28-11-2017 20:18

Me gusta mucho esta sección que hace que refresque mi inglés cada semana.


Carmen | 28-11-2017 20:17

Gran artículo , Hojas de Papel.


Pilar | 24-11-2017 13:05

Me parece muy interesante la sección del jueves de tecnología y en inglés. Felicidades.


Roy | 24-11-2017 10:27

Technology is definetely here to stay and already living among us! I had never seen all these types of technology together! I particulary enjoyed the very last part about "clean technology", since, in my opinion, big companies should really get into this if they want to keep going. Sustainability does not seem to be an option any more but, instead, an obligation! Thanks for sharing!


Carmen D. | 23-11-2017 22:47

Interesante este articulo. Gracias por hacer una clasificación de la tecnología tan bien explicada y clarificadora.


Mary | 23-11-2017 20:46

Siempre es bueno saber que nos rodea en nuestra vida cotidiana. Gran trabajo!!!