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REDACCIÓN: Alba Avedillo Nieto, Irene Barbero Urrero, María Carvajal Delgado, Lucía García Hernández, Sergio Herrero Martín, Raquel Pozo García

Technology: origin and diseases

Technology: origin and diseases
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As we did last year, this section is going to be written in English. Today we are going to tell you the origin of the word "Technology" and some diseases you can suffer if you abuse it.

26.10.2017 - Sergio Herrero e Irene Barbero

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Firstly, we want to welcome you to this section, which is focused on technology. We are going to inform you about the most recent things related to this topic. Here you?ll find lots of interesting information we want to publish, such as the brand-spanking new devices, the current trends and much more things you will discover over the next weeks.


But before getting into those topics, today we are going to talk about the word technology: its origin, its meaning and its importance nowadays.


Technology was originally a Greek word, formed by the words téchnê (which means skill or ability) and lógos (which means study). It includes all the tools that people use to get easier lives. For example, technology replaced handwork, because with the appearance of machines production was faster.


Technology is the science that humans use to have a quieter life with new advantages in different fields, such as daily life improvements and engineering, informatics, physics or communication improvements.


As you probably know, technology can be our best ally or our worst enemy. The excessive use of the new technologies threaten us to get away from real world.

The exorbitant use of new technologies is one of the main causes of the appearance of new diseases. There are also more cases of short-sightedness, tired eyesight or cervical pain because of bad postures.

Although technology makes our life easier, abusing it can cause different disorders, as much in our physical health as psychological health.

Today, we encourage you to know four diseases you can suffer if you abuse technology:

  1. Hearing damages: if you listen to music with earphones at too high a volume, you are exposing yourself to suffer hearing damages. The most important one is the deafness, which can result in balance problems.

To avoid it, if you listen to music, don?t abuse noises, because you can suffer serious health problems.

  1. Overweight and obesity: one study confirmed that people who spend lots of time using technologies tend to suffer from obesity and sedentariness.

  2. Ocular diseases: staying watching a screen for hours can result in ocular diseases, such as long-sightedness and astigmatism.

  3. Addiction: obsessions with technology are real nowadays. They are even catalogued as diseases. And there are lots of diseases: the no-mobile phobia (the fear of going out without the smartphone) and the Internet addiction are the most known ones, but there are others, like the sweeping finger disorder or the laptop thigh disorder.

And of course you can also contribute to this section: you can tell us in the comments which topics you want to know more about!


If you want to read the news in Spanish, you can read it by clicking in this link:





Marta | 30-10-2017 21:49

Thanks por la sección.


Lucía | 30-10-2017 17:38

¿Por qué tiene que ser en Inglés, no se si sabéis que el concurso es en castellano, es para publicar en el NORTE DE CASTILLA, no en el The Times...Vaya moda y que ejemplo damos a los niños. Menospreciando el castellano. Mal


Carmen D. | 30-10-2017 00:54

Agradezco la oportunidad que este año tenemos de leer vuestro artículo en castellano, las personas que no sabemos inglés no teníamos esa opción. Que nos hagáis conscientes de lo positivo y lo negativo que tiene la tecnología como prólogo a los siguientes artículos me parece estupendo.


María | 28-10-2017 09:23

Un gran artículo. Muy interesante. Está muy bien que, como lectores, tengamos la oportunidad de leerlo en dos idiomas.


pilar | 27-10-2017 13:10

En primer lugar aplaudiros la iniciativa de facilitarnos un enlace para poder leerlo en castellano y además, proponeros qué abordéis relaciones personales directas versus comunicaciones "tecnológicas".


Helena | 26-10-2017 23:56



luis | 26-10-2017 23:14

very good presentation of the section, I see more effort than last year. Much encouragement!