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REDACCIÓN: Alba Avedillo Nieto, Irene Barbero Urrero, María Carvajal Delgado, Lucía García Hernández, Sergio Herrero Martín, Raquel Pozo García

What happens if I spend lots of time using technology?

What happens if I spend lots of time using technology?
'Phishing', or impersonating identities, has become very dangerous during last years. Fuente: Dkreativo.es

Today we are going to focus on some effects technology can cause in people who abuse it.

02.11.2017 - Sergio Herrero e Irene Barbero

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Last day we talked about some diseases related with technology, and today we are going to focus on the negative effects technology can cause in people who use gadgets:

- While people use their smartphones, they tend to lose track of time. Because of that, they forget they have to do more things apart from using technology:

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- They facilitate the access to unsuitable sites. 

- They sometimes offer false or incomplete information.

- They favour the appearance of false identities that can cause cases of identity fraud.

- There aren?t many security measures: it?s very easy to steal passwords and personal datum, and it?s also very easy to impersonate an identity.

Apart from these negative effects, there are other disadvantages related to the excessive use of technology. Some of the most harmful are the consumerism, because everybody tend to buy products related with smartphones, like sounds or cases, and that means a higher expense; and the isolation, because the technology addicts lose their communication skills and their only knowledge is knowing how to use technological gadgets. A big consequence of the addiction is the usage of the smartphones in inappropriate places, like schools or while driving.

The disadvantages are more if the affected person is an under-age person: children and teenagers arrive at lies and theft to get money and spend it in different ways, like buying apps or recharging their data.
They tend to use their study time using technology, what affects their achievements and favours a more aggressive, impulsive, and selfish behaviour, and their addiction stops the development of better behaviour.
Finally, under-ages can download inappropriate games, either its contents or its violence, for their age. 

In conclusion, both grown-ups and under-ages can be victims of the excessive use of technology. The only thing we can do to avoid it is using technology correctly and in our own benefit, and being aware of all the risks we can have by spending lots of time with a laptop or a smartphone.
As always, you can give us your opinion about this article by writing in the comments, and you can also give us ideas to talk about next Thursday.

Check out this link to see the news in Spanish:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/12fUHooHgZWHUv4VEZuSfSSUnt8ik71fUqVXxYaNNtLE/edit?usp=sharing 



Manuel | 03-12-2017 12:55

Great article, and a really good reflection. Thanks a lot!


Marta | 09-11-2017 00:02

Gran artículo chicos, congratulation.


Helena | 07-11-2017 03:07

Aprovechemos la Tecnología... pero que ésta no nos quite libertad jamás.


Carmela | 05-11-2017 12:00

Otro gran artículo de Hojas de Papel.


pedro | 05-11-2017 11:59

Estoy de acuerdo con Roy en el aspecto del consumismo tan presente en el ámbito tecnológico.


Alma | 05-11-2017 11:58

Gracias por esta sección, que me está ayudando a refrescar mi inglés.


Carmen | 05-11-2017 11:57

Totalmente de acuerdo con vuestro artículo.


Sara | 04-11-2017 20:27

Accurate analysis. Thank you for your tips.


Roy | 02-11-2017 22:10

Hay un aspecto muy interesante en la noticia y es todo lo que una inversión en tecnología conlleva: accesorios, alimentación, mantenimiento, reparaciones...por no hablar de la obsolescencia programada y percibida, dos grandes aliados del consumismo que están especialmente presentes en el ámbito tecnológico. Me gustaría leer algún reportaje sobre sistemas operativos en smartphones (Android, iOs...) o el tema de protección de datos y acceso a información por parte de gigantes como Google o Facebook. Ánimo y gracias por tu sección, Sergio.


Pilar | 02-11-2017 18:36

De acuerdo con lo que manifestáis en vuestro articulo, la tecnología está para que nos sirvamos de ella, no para que nos esclavice.