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El Norte Escolar

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As the title says, this article is about the dailylife of students like me in Ireland.

15.12.2017 - Javier Segovia

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In nearly all schools the uniform is compulsory. It usually consists of a Polo-shirt or suit shirt, jumper and trousers for boys and skirts for girls. Regarding the time table, school starts around 9:00 and finishes at around 16:00 having one short break around 11:00 and lunch time at 13:00.Lunch time is not like in Spain, it mainly consists of a sandwich, a drink, a piece of fruit or some biscuits. Lessons last 40 minutes, 9 per school day. In most schools the students are the ones who change from one class to another, each teacher has his/her own classroom. Due to this, in some schools students have their own locker to leave their books. Subjects are the same as the ones we study in Spain except for Home economics, Irish and career, a subject in which we learn how to find a job, write a CV or help us to decide the degree we want to study. Once school time finishes most students spend the afternoon doing sport, going to a coffee shop or meeting friends. However, quite a lot of them live in the countryside and arriving home might take them 1 hour by bus, so many students go straight home.It gets dark around 5 o?clock in winter, and most shops close around 6 o?clock, except pubs, in which young people are rarely allowed to enter. Because of these, in Ireland spending the afternoon and the evening at home with your family is very common.Dinner time is between 16:00 and 18:00. Nevertheless, in 4th year every Thursday or Friday (depending on the school) students do work experience. So instead of going to school we look for a job such as working in a supermarket, book shop, sport centre, pharmacy or coffee shop, just like another worker. Sadly, work experience students do not have the right to earn money.

Being an exchange student is a very recommendable experience, not only because of the fact that you improve your English, but also because of learning new ways of doing things, having to look after yourself without your family and meeting many new people.