El Norte Escolar 2020
El Norte Escolar 2020


IES Juana I de Castilla


REDACCIÓN: Manuel Camino García, Ainara Díez Bocos, Silvia Alonso Martín, Mencía Alonso Mayo






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The 47-year-old alkaline actress finally achieves her starring role in her life: herself.
Today the series "By Ana Milan" is released through AtresPlayer Premium.
Ana has participated in some of the biggest audience successes on Spanish television in the last two decades. From Camera Café to Physics or Chemistry, passing through Yo soy Bea or Amar es para siempre. She has also left for her resume appearances in Compañeros, Siete Vidas, Paquita Salas or Veneno. But Ana Milan has never been the star of these productions. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. It seems their time has come. A few weeks ago a medium titled: "First images of Ana Milan as Ana Milan in the By Ana Milan series."
The project emerged right in the middle of a lack of refinement. The actress received a call with the proposal to make a series in which fiction was mixed with personal anecdotes. Because she? Because right now? The explanation, on Instagram. During the confinement, Milan became a phenomenon. Every afternoon she performed a live through this social network. Up to tens of thousands of people gathered to watch her drink wine and count things. The Milan writer, the one who has published Sex in Milan or I'm going to call things by your name, got together with the Milan actress, and together they approached an audience in need of empathetic proposals until they almost touched her. They were anecdotes, stories, doubts, questions and answers. Is it possible against the fact that one always wears dirty glasses because he grabs them by the lenses when he takes them off and manages to be interesting and fun? It seems that if. The first chapter of the series begins with Ana Milan trying on a wedding dress to the rhythm of "Bad Romance by Lady Gaga". Everything is going great. It is stupendous. Your boyfriend is great. The house is nice and neat. You are even allowed to give great advice to misplaced young people. Then things will go wrong to such an extent that God and Lope de Vega must appear to the rescue. How it all ends will be known after eight episodes that just finished shooting last Friday. But apparently in these first minutes of the series, for Milan, the person, the actress, the celebrity, whatever, this does not end, it is just beginning. Again. Ana Milan likes to laugh at herself and not at others. It is refreshing in the national comedy, too often focused on the derision of the weakest or the one who is not normal, always playing with the idea that the viewer will never consider herself weak and will always believe that it is normal, something tremendouslyThere is even the possibility that Ana Milan is as she is in the series. The importance that you want to give to that already depends on each viewer.

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