El Norte Escolar 2020
El Norte Escolar 2020


IES Juana I de Castilla


REDACCIÓN: Manuel Camino García, Ainara Díez Bocos, Silvia Alonso Martín, Mencía Alonso Mayo

Can you deflect an asteroid that threatens the Earth?

Europa and NASA prepare missions to change the trajectory of stars that are a threat.


30.10.2020 - AINARA DÍEZ BOCOS

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It's a science fiction idea that NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are trying to turn into reality. If an asteroid is heading towards Earth, in the future its trajectory may be diverted to avoid the impact.

This new technology would not arrive in time to deflect the asteroid 2006 QV89, 40 meters, which has a low but not zero probability of hitting the Earth next Monday, September 9.

NASA plants to launch the Dart mission in 2021 to test anasteroid recersal technique.

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